BluSuzy is back with her new EP taking you on an adventure through the apocalypse of growing up. The ex-lead singer of Insect Guide; described by the Guardian as “the sound of barbed wire delivered with roses”, has shed her shoegaze roots for a more electronic dystopian dance sound and invites you to come on this journey with her. Watch as friendships dissolve, cities fall apart and a nearly lover is lost again as the world rebuilds and transforms around us.

BluSuzy is the ex-lead singer of Insect Guide who achieved debut album of the month in Uncut magazine and is described by Drowned In Sound as “an irresistible pop masterpiece... as dark as the most potent Velvet Underground”. Having released Insect Guide albums globally from the EU to Japan, and toured in USA, Europe and the UK followed by a Marc Riley Evening Session, BluSuzy has decided to hit the streets alone to bring you a collection of stylish dance numbers and broken heavy beats. Quietly simmering on the underground playing secret gigs all over the world and perfecting sounds in hidden dark studios, she is now bringing you this stylish audio visual journey through her fresh Air Pop/Dark Bass sound.



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It is the perfect balance of sharpness and haze, the murky and the immediate – imveryape
All the best details of classic beats and reverb-heavy electronics found in decades past while ushering it into the music scene of the presentday without a glitch - Music Murmer
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