Some bands just emerge with a style and aesthetic nailed down... they have the vision and drive to go far •  Leeds Music Scene
Wondering about the new sound in Leeds? Well, wonder no more, it is Suzy Blu! • Backseat Mafia

Perverse electro-punk pop • The Janglebox
So tell me again why is Suzy Blu not a monster star? • Brearly Rambling

This music will blow your mind. I`m not joking  • Faeton Music
It is the perfect balance of sharpness and haze, the murky and the immediate • imveryape

all the best details of classic beats and reverb-heavy electronics found in decades past while ushering it into the music scene of the present day without a glitch • Music Murmer
Raw & dark electro driven pop from Leeds, UK!! • Trike' Trax

If you’re a fan of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blondie, or anything else that is nothing short of mindblowing • Rex Manning
dark nostalgia from the dirty streets of Leeds • Shookdown
If only Buddy were around to hear this. Fortunately, you are and therefore can • davecromwellwrites