I think what possibly puzzles me more than anything else are the people who go to the cinema to watch a pretty standard action film and let everyone know they've worked out what's going to happen roughly one second before it actually happens  

"That silver tray is for the guns"  James Bond already has his gun half poised to tray.

"Watch out James, he's going to get in that helicopter" helicopter has been buzzing round attempting to land for 5minutes with the intention of collecting the baddie.

I think the main reason it puzzles me so much is the fact that it doesn't serve any sort of purpose. Wars should be puzzling and upsetting but whilst I suppose the latter is very much true, the former makes some kind of sense: the aggressor wants something that the defender has. 

The couple in the cinema letting me know what was going to happen by gently whispering it in my ear from the row behind, with the dulcet tones of someone in the stands at a football match, had no purpose. None at all. They were annoying each other because each time one declared "carful now James, they've worked out who you are!" The other one had to loudly say "I know". Rather than showing the rest of the audience how wonderfully impressive they were by knowing the answer, like some classroom Hermione, they actually just pissed everyone off. 

Puzzling. They did stop predicting the storyline like the shitest fortune tellers ever near the end though when the big fight sequence kicked off. But that wasn't puzzling at all really as the bag off sweets required a lot of concentration to individually unwrap and argue over who had dropped what on the floor. 

This is the face of Bert judging them.